Claims FAQs

Following CIB’s recent communication about its functioning during the COVID-19 lock-down, we have compiled this document to assist you in dealing with claims and operational changes which may have an impact on you and our mutual clients.

To ensure business continuity, we have allowed our claims’ technicians and managers to work from home. You can continue to reach them via email and/or telephonically.

Claims processing will continue as usual insofar as possible. All claims should be reported and registered as soon as reasonably possible after the event. In relation to all claims the relevant and necessary validation will be followed as per our usual procedures.

As mentioned in our most recent communication, our dedicated call centre will be available to assist and provide emergency services over this period where this cover is in place. All emergency services are operational and, as such, emergencies will be attended to. These include:

  1. Replacement of burst geysers and geyser repairs;
  2. Home repairs that affect safety and security and / or pose a clear danger;
  3. Roadside assistance; and
  4. Accident towing when the vehicle is not drivable.

Our call centre numbers are:

CIB Emergency Hotline:               0860 104 952

Vertex Emergency Hotline:           0860 888 889

Specialised Buildings Hotline:      0861 225 225

Due to the lock-down there will be limits to certain services and service offerings as most of our suppliers and service providers are subject to the same restrictions applicable to all of us. Only those providing essential services (as pronounced in terms of the lock-down regulations) are permitted to function and to attend to emergency situations. There may be reduced capacity in certain instances and unavailability of parts, supplies or services. Please understand that this is not within our control or that of our service providers. Where there are delays or operational constraints, we will communicate these with you, either in relation to specific claims or generally.

Where service providers are required to respond to emergency situations, stringent hygiene and disinfection practices will be followed and personal contact will be restricted.

Vehicle repairs:

Vehicle repairers closed for purposes of the lockdown. Vehicles under repair or not drivable remain at the repairers’ premises. Once business returns to normal (following the lockdown), we will communicate revised timelines for the repair of vehicles.

Vehicle assessments:

Netassess will still be appointed (in accordance with the normal process) when a vehicle has been involved in an accident. All drive-in centres will be closed but desktop / digital assessments will be allowed insofar as this is possible. The requirements for digital assessment will be communicated in the event of a claim.

Vehicle accidents:

In case of an accident and where a vehicle is not drivable, the vehicle will be towed to one of our approved towing destinations (insofar as this is possible and permissible) where it will remain until the lock-down is lifted. In other cases, where the insured is able to continue driving the vehicle and it is safe to do so, a digital assessment will be arranged (where indicated) and, once repairers are open for business again, arrangements will be made for repair of the vehicle.

Car hire:

Where the insured has been provided with a rental vehicle prior to lockdown, the period of car hire can be extended up to the days allowed in terms of the policy. Unfortunately, no new requests for car hire can be accommodated during the lock-down period unless there is an absolute emergency, such as the insured requiring car hire to perform an essential service.  In these situations, the process for arranging car hire will be communicated with you.

Windscreen replacements:

No fitments will be accommodated during the lockdown period, however, where required assistance will be provided in case of emergency.

Stolen vehicles / vehicles which are uneconomical to repair:

Our salvage service provider will be closed during the lockdown period. The licensing departments and banks will only attend to essential services and will        have capacity constraints insofar as they do continue to function. As such, delays will be occasioned in finalising claims due to the unavailability of services  required to be performed by the licensing departments and where outstanding finance balances for vehicles and original registration certificates of vehicles are required to finalise claims.

Crime and related investigations:

Insofar as it is possible, these investigations will be performed digitally.


We have service providers on standby to assist with claims which are capable of digital / desktop assessment (either wholly or partly). There is no change in the claims’ process. Please bear in mind, however, that not all claims can be validated entirely via digital / remote assessment. The requirements for assessment will be communicated on a case by case basis.

Repairs to items:

As service providers will be closing, those items which are presently with service providers for repair will remain with the service providers and a revised estimate for the repair of items will be communicated following the lock-down. Where damage occurs to insured items / premises during the lock-down period, arrangements for repair / services will be made when business resumes after the lock-down.

All other claims will be dealt with on an individual basis.


We have service providers at our disposal and who will be able to assist in case of an emergency, such as where safety and security is a critical concern.

Crime and related investigations”

Insofar as it is possible, these investigations will be performed digitally.

Feel free to contact one of the managers within the claims department if you have any queries or concerns. The relevant details have been circulated previously and are available on our website.

We thank you for your partnership, ongoing support and understanding. We look forward to working with you during these challenging times.