A note from the CEO & Founder

I am extremely proud to say that CIB is 25 years old and not only that, but that we have managed to succeed in a space dominated by 100 year plus corporates, without the backing or funding of any external organisations.

The Insurance industry as we all know has extremely high barriers to entry. It has taken years of passion, persistence and dedication to our core values that have elevated us to where we are today; quality in all we do, personalisation and service excellence. These are the pillars which we live by and prove to brokers daily that we will go above and beyond to exceed their and their clients’ expectations.

CIB has evolved through the years, starting out in 1994 with policy number 1 as a broker, evolving over time into underwriting manager.  That is exactly why we service our brokers well – we understand their needs; their frustrations and we are the best in the industry at superseding those expectations.

Relationships are at the heart of what we do, without which we wouldn’t be here today – our first brokers who started out with us right in the beginning are still with us today. We learn, we evolve and adapt to the ever-changing insurance environment to stay abreast of the industry, giving client’s what they need for peace of mind. Our products, premiums and limitations are all best of breed, always thinking about keeping our reinsurers profitable too.

We are very excited to be celebrating our 25th anniversary and cannot wait to see what the next 25 years hold… A big thank you, especially to Ashleigh, Andrew, Matt, Jonjon, Steve and Wil who are incredibly smart guys to work with as well as great friends, they have walked this journey with me so far and only they know the blood, sweat and plenty of sleepless nights that we have shared together.

CIB Board of Directors share their thoughts on this 25 year milestone…


Having been with CIB for 18 years, I am proud to be part of such a skillful, passionate and dedicated team. The quality and personalisation we have instilled in this business throughout everything we do, is what sets us apart. Great relationships with like-minded brokers and treating them with their best interests at heart is what makes our brokers partner with us for long mutually beneficial relationships. We strive to make our brokers look great in front of their clients!

Jon-Jon Smit, Executive Head: Sales & Marketing

As the latest edition to the CIB Board, I am proud to be part of a team who supports brokers and clients as individuals who really matter. Coming from a purely legal background into this thriving entrepreneurial business, I have enjoyed every minute being part of a company which is large enough to compete with the corporate players in this industry. The ethos of the business to “strive for excellence in everything we do” is one that I am a huge supporter and driver of – I can’t wait for the next 25 years!

Elsa Jordaan, Executive Head: Claims & Legal

Partnerships are crucial to the success and growth story of CIB. Partnering with the right people at the right time has the ability to amplify your efforts and that is exactly what we have done. CIB has grown in leaps and bounds and has an annualized gross premium income of around R1 billion, with an ambitious vision for 202 and beyond. Working in a team of phenomenal people is what makes CIB a family, not only internally but for all our stakeholders.

Steven Munro, Chief Financial Officer

CIB has come a long way: starting out as a broker has aided us in being the best at really understanding our brokers and exceeding their needs and expectations. CIB offers an unrivalled personalized service delivered by passionate staff and aligned service providers, that allow us to be the best at what we do. The market is continuously changing, and we therefore require the best people who can adapt to any situation. It’s with great pleasure that I can say that I am a member of this organization and I am excited for the 25 years to come!

Wilhelm von La Chevallerie, Managing Director

I have been an independent Non-Executive Director of CIB for 6 years. During this period CIB has been through some difficult times and I was impressed by the manner in which management dealt with the situations and overcame all adversity confronting the company. Over the years, management has instilled a culture at CIB of building relationships with the brokers and individual clients and of providing excellent services to them.

This formula has been the driving force for the success of CIB. It has been a privilege for me to be associated with such a dedicated team and I am sure that CIB will continue to grow from strength to strength in the coming years.

Brian Mallinson, Chairman

Our History

A few words from CIB’s long-standing brokers:

On behalf of Bert Levenson Insurance & Pension Consultant, Digby Levenson and Russell Sourgen would like to congratulate all at CIB for achieving a fantastic milestone of 25yrs in the industry.

As one of CIB’s longest serving brokers, we have been working with CIB for 18 years now and can only say that it has always been a pleasure dealing with such a great team of people. It is refreshing to see a group still looking for innovative ways to assist their brokers and policy holders. As always Doug and his entire team work on the open-door theory and it’s good to know they still really do “walk the talk”.

Wishing CIB all the best and we are looking forward to the next 25 years together.

Digby Levenson and Russell Sourgen , Bert Levenson Insurance & Pension Consultant

Congratulations as you celebrate this significant milestone in the CIB legacy.

We would like to express our appreciation to the CIB directors and all their staff for their high standard of service and support. Always going the extra mile and taking the time to listen to our needs. We have watched you grow from strength to strength, always adapting to the industry’s many challenges and been at the forefront of innovation and product development. You are now a force to be reckoned with.

Insurisk Financial Consultants SA, its Director and staff salute you and look forward to the next 25 years.

Féthon Zapheriou, Insurisk

We have been one of CIB’s biggest brokers for the past 12 years.

CIB is a company that strongly believes in long term relationships with their brokers. Their quality and integrity is admirable, which is key to being a successful company. In our experience, CIB always keeps the client’s best interest at heart, since they embrace trust and loyalty as well as fairness towards all parties concerned. They listen to our needs and problems and are always willing to go the extra mile to find a solution. They strive towards a win-win situation. The foundation of their relationships with brokers is based on partnership and mutual trust. The knowledge, skills and expertise of their staff members are of an outstanding nature, as a result of ongoing training and development.

We are extremely proud to be associated with such a company!

Riana Wiese, PSG Meesterplan

FNB Insurance Brokers congratulates CIB on their 25th anniversary.

The road to success is never without obstacles and keeping a service provider running for a quarter of a century is no small feat.  We applaud you for consistently providing customers with excellent service and looking for ways to better understand their needs while delivering personalised, bespoke solutions.

As your trusted business partner, we have seen your business grow through building trustworthy relationships with your clients, with the highest standard of professional ethics and excellent service.

CIB’s dedication to ensuring a quality offering is a big part of how we at FNB Insurance Brokers approach our business, each and every day.  Our team of brokers work tirelessly to offer tailored short-term insurance solutions, ensuring we protect our clients with cover that changes as and when business changes. And like you, we understand how far dedication can take you.

We wish you many years of excellence and FNB Insurance Brokers will stay with you every step of the way.

Wickus van der Walt, FNB Insurance Brokers

Congratulations to CIB on their 25 Year Anniversary. We are very proud as one of CIB’s first brokers to be associated with a company like them, they are a phenomenal company and we wish them many more successful years to come.

Brett Michaelis, Les Michaelis Insurance Consultants