Submitting an insurance claim?

Here’s what you need to know…

Whether it’s your business or your personal belongings, they need to be protected from loss or damage. So that should anything happen, you will not suffer the financial loss but be in the position to replace the damaged or lost items – with ease and peace of mind.

Business or Personal, claim time is when your insurance policy is put to the test. Here are a few basic guidelines to ensure that your insurance claims process is seamless and efficient:

• Your broker will facilitate the process between CIB and yourself.
• Make sure you contact your broker as soon as you are aware of the claim.
• If you contact CIB directly, a CIB Claims Technician will handle your claim and provide you with all the relevant forms.
• Kindly ensure forms are completed in full, signed, and that all relevant supporting documentation is submitted.

Click here to download the full Claims Workflow process.

Report all NEW claims to the CIB Claims Department as soon as possible. Alternatively:

    • For NEW Specialised Buildings claims: Submit a completed and signed specialised buildings claim form to
    • For all other NEW claims: Submit a completed and signed claim form to

For all new glass and windscreen claims, use

011 455 5101

• Need assistance with your claim? Our Claims Helpdesk is on hand
• Each claim is registered by a Helpdesk Specialist and allocated to a Claims Specialist.
• Note: Binder and Outsource Brokers must register their own claims.
• The Helpdesk Specialist will inform the broker of the relevant information relating to the claim, including the Claim Number and details of the Claims Specialist assigned to process the claim.
• All claim forms are available for download or through the Helpdesk.
• Claims lodged with our Helpdesk will only be settled once all the documentation and information regarding the loss or damage has been processed – and agreed upon.

For speedy processing of claims, click on one of our online claim forms below: