Slide In the case of an emergency, simply launch the app, tap on the relevant assistance type you require (either Home Assist for home emergencies or Roadside Assist for roadside emergencies) and choose one of the two assistance methods: what constitutes an emergency? The CIB Assist app has been developed to help you reach out when disaster strikes – either at home or on the road. The easy-to-use app will connect you with one of our highly trained consultants in the case of a home or roadside emergency, who in turn will call someone to come and assist you. Once you have downloaded the app, either from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, you will be prompted to register your account by providing your name and mobile number, and generating a password. This makes it easier for you to log-on thereafter.
Someone from our contact centre will be in touch within minutes "CALL ME BACK" "DIAL ASSIST LINE" Connect directly with us to get assistance You will then be able to explain to an experienced consultant exactly what your emergency is so that they can arrange for someone to come out and assist you.

If you require assistance after office hours, Roadside Assist will function as per normal however Home Assist for emergencies that need immediate attention, please select the “dial assist line” to receive immediate response.
how does it work? The types of emergencies covered by the CIB Assist app include, but are not limited to: Please visit the App Store or Google play to download CIB Assist.

Home & Roadside Assist is also available on WhatsApp (+27) 87 240 7080. Simply send us a message and we will respond.
• Plumbing
• Break-in / Glass replacement
• Locksmith
• Electrical repairs
• Appliance repairs
• Motor vehicle accident
• Breakdown
• Flat tyre / battery assistance
• Out of fuel
• Locksmith
• Emergency car hire
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