On Monday, 25 November, CIB was honoured to attend the annual PMR Awards ceremony held at Royal Johannesburg & Kensington Golf Club. The PMR Awards are the culmination of a research process whereby companies and institutions are rated based on respondents perceptions with a strong focus on evaluating and measuring customer service and customer satisfaction.

The purpose of the awards is:

  • to create a global and unique marketing tool for the company, department or institution;
  • to enhance excellence in industry;
  • to set a benchmark in industry;
  • to create an opportunitfor companies and institutions whereby a Team or DIVISION can be recognised for all their hard work and
  • to share the award with their personnel and members of staff to reiterate there is a successful team behind each successful and highly rated company and institution.

CIB claimed 3 awards in the Underwriting Managers category for the following:

  • Commercial – Golden Arrow (2nd overall)
  • Body Corporate (Building / Sectional Title) – Diamond Arrow (1st overall)
  • Personal Lines – Diamond Arrow (1st overall)

The survey is taken by a random, national sample of 120 directors, senior managers and short term underwriting managers selected from short term brokerages and short term insurance companies.