CIB launches a new Culinary Product!

The culinary world is far more than just food. It involves various industries from restaurants, suppliers and franchises. This sector serves just about every industry and must be nimble and resilient especially when the unexpected occurs.

CIB understands these intricacies and has designed a product with core benefits to cater for these unknown perils ranging from material damage to loss of income, franchise fees, theft of customer goods, accidental damage, events liability and errors and omissions liability to name a few.

CIB Culinary is a product focused on ensuring that you stay ahead of the curve when these sudden and unforeseen eventualities strike and appreciate that you have enough on your plate.

This is why we have designed a product to serve you and not the other way around and in doing so are excited to announce the official launch of the CIB Culinary product which is available to you immediately.

  • Some key elements of the CIB Culinary product follows the Commercial Policy Wording otherwise known as the “Spine”, which is the foundation and underpinning of all our other speciality Commercial products available (this excludes the CIB Buildings, Personal Lines and Specialised Buildings products).
  • The Culinary Product has its own Addenda which must be read in conjunction with the Commercial Spine and Annexure to the Schedule – all of which contain the product specific terms and conditions.

Click here for more information on CIB’s product offering. Understanding your world, we offer insurance done properly, in a personalised way.

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