The Covid-19 pandemic has led the government to impose a 21-day lockdown. During these challenging times we are all doing what we can to keep everyone safe, while we remain committed to give our clients peace of mind.


Please be aware that CIB continues to operate. We are effectively managing our operations by letting our staff work-from-home. Business continuity is key in such situation, and we hope that you have been able to successfully institute similar business continuity plans.

While the extent of the lock-down and the implications for each service are still being finalised, we want to assure you that we are available for all queries. Please see the contact list attached hereto, listing all our managers and the departments they are responsible for.

Please use the normal communication routes as a start and escalate any matters not receiving attention to our managers, as and when necessary.


We are committed to continuing to assist our mutual clients as best we may during these times.

All emergency services are operational and as such, emergencies will be attended to. These include roadside assistance, home repairs that affect safety, security and / or pose a clear danger as well as emergency geyser repairs / replacements. Our call centre numbers remain available:

CIB Emergency Hotline: 0860 104 952.

Vertex Emergency Hotline: 0860 888 889

Specialised Buildings Hotline: 0861 225 225

For the time being, please ensure that all new claims are still notified as soon as possible so that we can register them and respond appropriately. We’ll try our best to assist clients and to manage expectations.

Where possible, we will implement digital assessment and alternative measures to deal with claims. However, we appreciate your understanding that not all claims can be dealt with remotely or resolved entirely in this manner.

Policy Coverage

All policies remain in force and cover will be honoured on the current basis.

If you have any questions about possible adjustments to your policies, please contact our underwriting departments personal, commercial, engineering, cyber, specialised buildings or marine respectively.

We are exploring options to assist our policyholders during this time and will communicate any changes as these are finalised.

Some risks that you may want to consider advising your clients of during this time include Cyber Cover and SASRIA.

For a full list of CIB contacts click here

Claims FAQs click here